Discover The Secret Garden by MUSÉE TULLE

This week MUSÉE TULLE welcomed our stunning window decorations for the Autumn/Winter new season of 2015.  The inspirations come from part mystic, part garden, and part childhood imagination in a child's dreams.  The enormous paper-sculpted flowers were hand-made in mysterious colours implying the garden we inhabited in, which is waiting for us to discover, from far far away.

MUSÉE TULLE is always a fairy tale, literally a "Museum of Tulle".  We curate the most delicate tulle dress collections to our customers.  This season we want to add a special through-the-looking-glass magic by adding huge flowers to our bespoke high-end childrenswear boutique.  We take our customers to the secret garden where wild enormous flowers are growing alongside our delicate clothes.  Head to MUSEE TULLE today to discover our inspirations and new season's arrivals. 

This autumn/winter, we are inspired by the color palette of purple, pale pink, coral red and pure white.  Among our new season's arrivals, you will find the most delicate white lace tulle dress, impressionist inspired blue/purple silk dress, and cute tutu skirts in autumn/winter shades. 

In our secret garden, the garden is filled with different shades of tulle.  This season, MUSÉE TULLE is truly to its name which literally means "A Museum of Tulle".  We have hand-picked the most complete and dazzling tulle dresses and skirts that are hidden in our "secret garden". 

Head to MUSÉE TULLE today to discover the Autumn/Winter new arrivals.  

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